How do you write a press release after an event?

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    Tips for Writing a Post-Event Press Release

    What are some tips for writing a post-event press release?

    To help you write post-event press releases, we asked marketing experts and other business leaders this question for their best pieces of advice. From showcasing success to focusing on the introduction, there are several tips that may help you with post event press releases in the future.

    Here’s what eight experts had to say about writing post-event press releases:

    • Showcase Success
    • Use Quotes
    • Write About Your Success
    • Add a Video
    • Craft a Perfect Outline
    • Follow the 5 W’s Rule
    • Include Past & Future
    • Focus on the Introduction

    Showcase Success

    When writing a post even press release, it’s important to focus on the most successful elements of the event. Highlighting successes will provoke regret in those who didn’t attend and generate enthusiasm for future events. Focusing on the most effective elements will also keep people talking about the event, increasing exposure and potentially expanding media coverage. This adds to your brand image, giving a sense of respectability, authenticity, and accomplishment.

    Consider which aspects of the event were particularly positive, perhaps attendance rates, or a distinguished guest speaker, and be sure to draw attention to them.

    Think also about any elements which were unusual, quirky, or creative, and emphasize these to encourage future engagement, as well as to distinguish your brand from competitors. Use a post-event press release to demonstrate just how essential it is to attend your events, increasing your reputation as a prosperous, popular, and profitable brand.

    Mario Cacciottolo, SBO

    Use Quotes

    You might want to include some quotes from those who were there for the event. What they learned at the conference should be reflected in their quotes. If you want to let people know how successful the event was and use the press release to promote the next event in advance, you can obtain about two pieces of feedback from attendees. Typically, a press release will have two paragraphs devoted to quotations, one of which can be used to provide comments from attendees while the other can be used to make a statement from the event's organizers before the boilerplate.

    Edward Mellett, Wikijob

    Tell a Story

    Write a post-event press release that tells the story of your success and why your achievement is essential to your target audience. This release should be written to provide information and insight into what you are doing. Provide perspective and balance to your story, not just your accomplishment.

    In the first paragraph, provide a brief description of the event, describing how many prospects you were able to meet, the size of the audience, the number of attendees, and any significant events or recognition that attended this event.

    In the second paragraph, provide details of your presentation. Focus on the essential takeaways from your presentation. Remember to keep your key message in the first paragraph, so you don't have to repeat it.

    Hilary Kozak, LivSmooth

    Add a Video

    Apart from writing your standard, run-of-the-mill event press release, try to include a video! This will help you give journalists a visual rundown of what happened, plus much more key information about the event. The video can also get posted to your Youtube channel and optimized for its search engine algorithm, killing two birds with one stone.

    Brenton Thomas, Twibi Digital Marketing Agency

    Craft a Perfect Outline

    If you struggle with crafting your company’s post-event press release, draw up an outline to get your creative juices flowing. Look at the blank page and start writing, even if it isn’t perfect. Don’t worry about grammar, structure, spelling, etc., since you can edit later. Create a 10-second pitch for the venue, addressing key supporting points. Have a conversation with a friend or colleague about your experience, asking them to take notes to add to your outline. Implement this strategy to help you design a press release that’s sure to draw the attention of your new and growing customer base.

    Lilian Chen, Bar None Games

    Follow the 5 W’s Rule

    When writing a post-event press release, it’s important to follow the 5 W’s rule that includes answering the questions WHERE and WHEN the event took place, WHO was present there, WHAT happened, and WHY the event was important. These are the crucial pieces of information that give journalists an overview of the subject and make them decide whether it is worth publishing.

    Therefore, it’s best to include 5Ws in the introduction or at the beginning of the press release, as the journalist won’t devote more than just a few seconds to skim the text. With the 5 W's rule, you present basic facts in the shortest possible form, which you can develop further in the press release. Doing this makes your material informative and specific from the very first words that a person reads. All of these boost material effectiveness and increase the chances of coverage.

    Nina Paczka, Resume Now

    Include Past & Future

    One way I write a post event press release is that I give my audience some background on the event. As I write one, I typically include information like who may have attended and how many people were there. I also include any notable speakers, if applicable.

    After that, I give a timeline of the events that happened at the event. This is particularly useful if there were any special events that occurred or any major announcements made during the event.

    Next, I write about the highlight of the event (if relevant) and what goals were accomplished through it. Then, I write about what's next for our organization after the event has concluded—this could be anything from plans for another event in the future to a new product launch or partnership agreement. Finally, I usually end it with a call to action encouraging people to check out your website/social media accounts/etc., as well as thanking them for attending!

    Raven Petty, iTrip Vacations

    Focus on the Introduction

    Introduction plays an important role while writing a post-event press release. Writing an interesting introduction with catchy words attracts the reader to your article. Include a short description of the event like when and where it was held, who were the chief guests, why it was an important event, and what were the highlights of the event. It represents your press release look more effective and increases its chances of coverage. Do not elaborate a lot; try to add the above details within a word limit.

    Cole South, Synchronize

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